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STRONG ATRIA AC2100 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (White) U.K

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  • ADD ON UNIT: for Network Expansion of STRONG ATRIA MESHKIT2100UK Mesh Wi-Fi System. Guest Network, Parental Controls all managed via the ATRIA Wi-Fi App. Single Add-on unit simply connects to an existing ATRIA Wi-Fi Mesh Network via the App. Ready to use (Pack of 1)
  • MESH NETWORK: One Wi-Fi network that will cover your home from corner to corner, built for smart homes with internet hungry devices. 
  • WI-FI EXTENDER AND POWERLINE REPLACEMENT: Ideal for replacing your existing Wi-Fi extender and Powerline solutions, provides Whole Home Wi-Fi coverage. Compatible with all internet service providers.
  • HIGH CAPACITY AND COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY: Supports a maximum of 90 connected devices simultaneously. Each node covers up to 1,200 sq. ft of living space and eliminates dead zones. Easily expand Wi-Fi coverage around your home. 
  • SEAMLESS ROAMING FOR ALL: Every unit works together to form a single real mesh Wi-Fi network, creating a truly seamless online experience. Phones, laptops and most Wi-Fi devices automatically connect to the strongest access point when moving throughout your home. 
  • EASY SETUP: The STRONG ATRIA Wi-Fi APP helps you setup, monitor and manage your home Wi-Fi mesh network easily and quickly. The APP allows you to add more units in minutes, monitor the network status, and includes built-in parental controls to schedule Internet access for your children.