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Xiaomi Mi 37W Dual-Port Car Charger

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  • You ask yourself - why to buy USB car chargers today? After all, every car has a USB port! Yes, most newer cars already have USB ports, but they are desperately slow! If you do not have half a day to charge, but you need to recharge your phone as soon as possible, you must have this charger.
  • It offers two large USB ports. The red one is able to supply up to 27W, which is enough to quickly charge not only modern mobile phones, but also tablets or power banks. The black one then charges classically at a speed of 10W, which is basically the speed of a classic USB 5V / 2A charger.
  • Subtle LED indicator to find the charger at night. Of course, there are protections against overvoltage, short circuit, electromagnetic interference, or thermal protection against overheating.
  • Mi 37W Dual-Port Car Charger - 2x USB-A ports / support fast charging up to 27W (USB2) + 10W (USB1) = 37W / short circuit protection, overvoltage, overheating / Quick Charge 3.0.