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SodaStream Duo Sparkling Water Maker Machine, 1 Litre Reusable BPA Free Reusable Water Bottle + 1 L Glass Carafe & 60 Litre Quick Connect CO2 Gas Cylinder ( Black)

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  • Introducing Duo: Enjoy the best of both worlds as you transform plain water into fresh sparkling water, or tasty soft drinks, in seconds. Stylish and versatile, Duo works with glass or plastic bottles
  • Better for you, better for the planet: Keep hydrated and create healthy and delicious flavoured drinks, cocktails and more at home. Say goodbye to single use plastic and hello to effortless sparkle
  • Be the change: Reduce your plastic waste as our fizzy water maker could save you up to 1,282 single-use plastic bottles over 4 years. With sodastream, sparkling water doesn’t have to cost the Earth
  • Turn tap water into something truly exciting: Make delicious carbonated water with the touch of a button. Plus, our new Quick Connect technology means fast and easy no-twist CO2 cylinder insertion
  • Enjoy fizzy drinks at home or on the go: Starter kit includes 60 L pink ‘Quick Connect’ gas cylinder, 1 litre dishwasher safe BPA-free plastic bottle and 1 litre dishwasher safe glass bottle/carafe